Embedding the External Perspective

The following education tip provides inspiration to write Chapter 'Embedding the External Perspective' of the Faculty Monitor. If applicable, separate suggestions are given for the PLAN and the DO.


  • indicate in general terms
    • the faculty’s vision on embedding the external perspective at study programme level (why and to what extent is this relevant within the specific context of the faculty?);
    • the way in which the faculty supports study programmes to embed the external perspective in their quality assurance processes;
    • the way in which the faculty monitors resulting remedial actions; 
  • are there, for instance, faculty guidelines concerning:
    • which (groups of) external stakeholders are involved and why; 
    • which subjects require external feedback and why;
    • the frequency with which external feedback is collected and discussed during the study programme committees (OCs); 
    • the way in which study programmes and/or the faculty monitor(s) resulting remedial actions; 


  • specify the initiatives that are set up at faculty level. For instance:
    • assistance with benchmark exercises (in which study programmes conduct comparative desk studies with similar (inter)national programmes);
    • assistance in conducting and monitoring (specific) surveys of external parties (incl. alumni);
    • faculty guidelines with regard to external representatives in programme or curriculum committees, with regard to the functioning of professional field committees, the role and functioning of advisory boards;
    • faculty guidelines concerning the role of external parties in assessment committees and/or in the evaluation of master’s dissertations;
    • faculty support to study programmes who would like to complete (external) visitation/accreditation procedures;
  • specify the monitoring processes that are run by the faculty concerning the initiatives described above.

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