Competence Model for Education Support Services: What Competencies Are Acquired?

The Education Support Team’s training offer for individual lecturers(-in-charge) aims at enhancing your teaching competencies. Among other things, it encompasses:  

  • educational competencies that Ghent University considers essential with regard to high-quality education. These competencies have been drawn up from a growth perspective and will be used in educational support as a basis for self-reflection and further development. They do not serve towards an assessment;
  • a non-exhaustive list of teaching competencies which is open to differentiation. Lecturers can choose to specialize in specific competencies and deepen their knowledge;
  • competencies that are based on the Dutch-Flemish Basic Qualification Profiles (in Dutch: Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs - BKO), the UK Professional Framework Standards for Higher Education Lecturers and Ghent University’s career policy for the professorial staff (in Dutch: ZAP).



Want to Know More? 

Consult the sources on which this Education Tip was based:

  • Ghent University policy documents on education policy, assessment policy, education quality assurance and career policy.
  • UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education (2011)
  • Professional Development for University Lecturers. The BKO and Beyond (VSNU, 2018).
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