UGent practices

UGent staff can use the educational tips platform to gain inspiration from colleagues. In addition to the educational tips, the website also bundles UGent practices of lecturers and study programs within all faculties of our university. In this educational tip you read how you can share such practices yourself and how they end up on the educational tips platform. How this new feature of the educational tips platform fits within the broader range of educational support can be read here.


Sharing a UGent practice

To ensure that the UGent teaching practices remain easily searchable and maintain a familiar structure, UGent practices can be shared through a form. The form is available to all lecturers and programmes at Ghent University. It treats the following three topics:

  • Some practical information that makes it possible to include the UGent practice with the appropriate information in the educational tips platform
  • A brief summary and description of the practice that at the same time fully and concisely explain how the teacher or study programme applied it
  • The possibility to give colleagues some tips in the form of 'three golden tips' or 'what to keep and what not to keep'

By keeping the teaching practices on Educational Tips complete and concise at the same time, user-friendliness is guaranteed and interested colleagues can then turn to the involved lecturers with more detailed questions.

After sharing a UGent practice

After entering a practice, the ACTIVO Liaison of the relevant faculty will be notified. If the practice is ready for publication, the liaison will supply it to Educational Tips. Doing so the educational practice is linked to the correct theme, discipline and faculty and a reference to the related educational tip(s) is added. This way a reference to this UGent practice will also appear at the bottom of the corresponding educational tip. After the language editing, the practice appears in the database.

Sometimes a UGent practice must be directed towards other parties involved: co-teacher (s), employee (s), DOWA employees, etc. In that case, the ACTIVO liaison will provide them with the draft version and follow up on any adjustments to make sure that it eventually ends up in the previous scenario.

In a final phase, the practice is edited by an editorial team within DOWA. The editorial team watches over the global balance of UGent practices in order to prevent the database from containing only a limited number of themes. For reasons like this, it can happen that a submitted practice will ultimately not (or not immediately) be published.

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