Ghent University Practices

Ghent University staff can use the Education Tips platform to gain inspiration from colleagues. In addition to the Education Tips, the platform also bundles Ghent University practices submitted by lecturers and study programmes from all our faculties. Read this Education Tip to find out how to share your own practices and how they end up being published on our platform. If you want to know more about how our Education Tips platform ties in with our broade range of education support services, go here.

Sharing a Ghent University Practice

To make sure that our repository of Ghent University practices remains easily searchable and to hold on to a familiar structure, we use a fixed template. This template is available to all our lecturers and programmes. It contains the following three topics:

  • some practical information that allows us to include the practice in the repository using the correct information;
  • a brief summary and description of the practice that at the same time fully and concisely explain how the lecture or study programme implemented it;
  • the possibility to give colleagues some tips in the form of 'three golden tips' or 'success factors';

Keeping our practices complete and concise at the same time, we guarantee user-friendliness. Interested parties can always turn to the lecturers involved for more detailed information.

After Submitting a Ghent University Practice

After submitting a practice, the Faculty Education Support Officer will be notified. If the practice is ready for publication, they will upload it to the  Education Tips platform. Doing so, they will link the practice to the proper theme, discipline and faculty, as well as add a reference to any related Education Tip(s). This way a reference to the newly added practice will also appear at the bottom of the corresponding Education Tip. After the language editing, the practice will appear in the database.

Sometimes a practice will be dispatched to other parties: co-lecturer(s) or other staff members, DOWA staff, etc. In that case, the Faculty Education Support Officer will provide those parties with the draft version and follow up on any adjustments to make sure that it ends up in the scenario described above.

In a final phase, the practice is edited by an editorial team within the Education Department (DOWA). The editorial team monitors the overall balance of the database, preventing it from becoming too narrow and containing only a limited number of themes. For reasons like this, it may so happen that a submitted practice is not (or not immediately) be published.

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