The Faculty’s Education Policy

The following education tip provides inspiration to write the chapter on 'The Faculty’s Education Policy ' of the Faculty Monitor. If applicable, separate suggestions are given for the PLAN and the DO.


In line with the Ghent University Quality Assurance Conduct (Dutch: Eigen Regie), the faculty  draws up a policy plan for education annually. This plan follows Ghent University’s six strategic objectives and delineates the faculty’s short-term, medium-term and long-term policy issues. It also clearly accentuates the faculty’s policy priorities.  The policy plan for education is the starting point for the development of an integrated policy plan, which also comprises research, services, and human resources management. The faculties are expected to contribute to the realization of university-wide policy choices within the framework of the Quality Assurance Conduct.

A new policy plan for education includes follow-up issues that have arisen from previous education policy plans, and from the Annual Quality Meeting (Dutch: Jaarlijks Kwaliteitsoverleg) with the Education Department (Dutch: DOWA). The faculty discusses the actions and realizations of the past year, makes adjustments if necessary, and emphasizes other issues if the occasion calls for it. The faculty’s alignment with university-wide policy is achieved through the integration of the six strategic objectives on the one hand, and actual contributions to the university-wide policy choices on the other. To this end, the faculty formulates five operational objectives that dovetail into at least three university-wide policy choices. Every operational objective is linked to a specific best endeavours obligation or a measurable result obligation. Every faculty initiative linked to education(quality assurance) is prompted by or connected to the policy plan for education.

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