Education Based on Excellent Research

The following education tip provides inspiration to write Chapter 'Education Based on Excellent Research' of the Faculty Monitor. If applicable, separate suggestions are given for the PLAN and the DO.


Ghent University aims to provide education that is maximally embedded within the dynamics of academic research. Academic creativity, among other things, finds its origin in the ability to analyse problems from various (divergent) perspectives, to organise known data in a new way, to think out of the box. 



  • during the recruitment of professorial staff, check whether
    • candidates have the research expertise necessary to teach course units connected to specific teaching assignments;
    • candidates are able to teach based on the most recent scientific insights in the discipline; 
    • new staff members have research expertise that complements the existing research expertise 
  • the annual appointment of lecturers is primarily a shared responsibility of the study programme committee and the department(s). However, it is the faculty board that ensures an optimal alignment between the existing research expertise and the course units that have to be taught;
  • upholding the staff’s research integrity is a faculty responsibility. More information on this can be found in the research integrity policy plan
  • imbuing students with an attitude of research integrity is the shared responsibility of faculties and study programmes;
  • a set of research support courses offered at faculty level and taught across the different study programmes can help students to familiarize themselves with the basic principles of scientific research and its application in research practice, e.g. using source material, using and/or processing (statistical) research data, … . 

Have a look at the 7 knowledge clips on (Re)search tips about research integrity. Here you will find a lot of ready to use learning materials that you can use in the study program such as PowerPoints, video's and excersices.

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