Lecturers’ Surveys at Ghent University

In the run-up to the institutional review, Ghent University held a lecturers’ survey for the first time in 2015 (in Dutch). The purpose of this survey was to compare the lecturers’ input to the input of other interal and external stakeholders (students, alumni, …). New lecturers’ surveys will be organized from 2020 onwards. 

What are Lecturers’ Surveys? 

Initiated and co-ordinated by the Education Department (Dutch: DOWA), the first lecturers’ survey was held in 2015. The purpose of the survey was to involve lecturers better in education policy and quality assurance, and to compare their perspective with that of other internal and external stakeholders (students, alumni, …). 

On 10 December 2019, the Education Council decided to reintroduce lecturers’ surveys as of 2020 onwards. The surveys will be organized on a four-yearly basis

What is the Aim of Lecturers’ Surveys? 

The structured generic questionnaire focuses on the teaching assignment and gauges how lecturers experience and shape their own teaching assignment. The survey is a means for gaining insight into the way in which lecturers implement Ghent University’s Six Strategic Objectives in their teaching practice, and for mapping out the existing diversity in our faculties’ and study programmes’ teaching practice. 


The lecturers’ survey results will be analysed and reported using UGI – Ghent University’s Business Intelligence System. A direct link to/integration into the central education monitor, the faculty and study programme monitors will be provided. 


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