Faculty Education Services (FDO)

The following education tip provides inspiration to write Chapter 'Faculty Education Services (FDO)' of the Faculty Monitor. If applicable, separate suggestions are given for the PLAN and the DO.


Every faculty has extensive Faculty Education Services (Dutch: FDO), which are led by the Director of Studies. The FDO is the faculty’s contact point for all issues related to educational policy, and provides support services to all the faculty and programme-specific (educational) councils and committees. To guarantee high-quality support services, the faculty sees to adequate FDO policy and sufficient personnel.


In order to efficiently perform its designated tasks, the FDO is divided into a number of clusters.

  • The student administration cluster is in charge of administering students’ curricula, diplomas, deliberations, certificates, the implementation of the Education and Examination Code (OER), etc.
  • The quality assurance cluster performs all tasks related to educational quality assurance (course feedback by students, visitations, internal educational and quality assurance policy, etc.) and educational innovation, and advises lecturers, study programme committees, the Educational Quality Control Unit (EQCU/Dutch: CKO), and the faculty board.
  • The curriculum management cluster performs tasks related to the organisation and coordination of classes and examinations, study programme revisions, course sheets, appointment of lecturers, etc. 
  • The student counselling cluster performs tasks related to learning path counselling (monitoring personalized learning paths and study progress, students with special status, educational communication), student counselling (course-specific content-related counselling and study support initiatives), field of study choice (individual conversations, group sessions, university fair (SID-in), info sessions, bachelor programme fair, job fair, Open Classes, and Try-outs), the exemption applications, diversity projects, etc.

The division of clusters and/or the instalment of additional clusters depends on the specific faculty context. The faculty guarantees the FDO’s adequate functioning by supplying sufficient means and personnel. 

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