Stakeholder Participation

The following education tip provides inspiration to write Chapter 'Stakeholder Participation' of the Faculty Monitor. If applicable, separate suggestions are given for the PLAN and the DO.


The faculty pursues a policy that is attuned to the university-wide strategic objectives regarding stakeholder participation, and which guarantees a structural (and formal) integration of all stakeholder perspectives in the faculty and programme-specific education(al policy).



  • it is recommended that the faculty invest in strong communication channels with students concerning student participation in faculty policy;
  • the faculty ensures that students from various study programmes are actively involved in various councils and committees; 
  • the faculty’s student union has its own (decision-making) structure, holds separate meetings,  sends delegations to the different study programme committees, and works closely together with (…) the Ghent University’s  student union (GSR) and student representatives in other (institutional) bodies;
  • the faculty encourages its study programmes to provide structural and formal work field participation in their educational policy (e.g. via advisory boards or by providing faculty guidelines with regard to external representatives in programme or curriculum committees).


Last modified April 1, 2021, 1 p.m.