Ufora Tool: Quizzes

What is Ufora Quizzes?

The Ufora tool Quizzes (Tests in Dutch) is an online assessment environment that is embedded into the electronic learning environment Ufora. The tool can be used as an assessment tool but also as an online exercise platform for students. Setting up, holding and grading the assessment all happens in the Ufora environment.

Technical Support

Important Points to Consider When Using Ufora Quizzes

  • It is important to check your computer and to test the tool before starting.
    • Check your computer beforehand using page 8 of the Ufora Manual.
    • Test the tool.
    • Ask a number of colleagues to join you in testing the tool, preferably using in your Ufora sandbox.
  • Timely communication is crucial: use the Announcements channel to communicate clearly and specifically about:
    • where students can find the Ufora Quiz
    • about the technical instructions for creating a test in Ufora. This sample document (in Dutch) can provide inspiration, if necessary.

Technical Manuals and Documents

Ufora Quizzes for Teaching Activities

What are Suitable Didactic Methods? 

Important Things to Consider When Using Ufora Quizzes

  • Combine a large question pool, randomized questions and unlimited attempts to make Ufora Quiz a place where students can practice as much as they want.
  • Use release conditions to optimally integrate a test into a learning path. This way you can determine whether students must first do something (e.g. view certain information) before they can take the test.
  • Set up automatic feedback so that students receive immediate feedback on their answers.

Ufora Quizzes for Assessment Activities

What Are Suitable Assessment Forms? 

Important Points to Consider When Using Ufora Quizzes

  • Offer questions and answer options for multiple choice questions in any order. Find out how to do this in the step-by-step plan in this appendix (in Dutch).
  • Use a question library with a clear structure to easily and quickly find all your questions quickly and easily. 
  • Realtime monitoring is not possible in Ufora Quizzes: unlike in Curios, Ufora Quizzes does not allow for monitoring students while they are taking the test.  After the assessment, you can check a number of parameters in the report. 
  • Ufora Quizzes and online proctoring: it is possible to limit fraud in an online written exam using the proctoring tool. Find out how in this Education Tip ‘Online proctoring’ (to be added later). (Only for the test group of the survey in October)
  • Ufora Quizzes and online supervision in a virtual classroom tool: it is possible to supervise using MS Teams during an online exam with Ufora Quizzes. Find out how in this Education Tip 
  • Ufora Quizzes and plagiarism detection: check the answers to open-ended questions (randomly) afterwards via the plagiarism software in Ufora. You can find out how in this Education Tip.
  • Technical problems when using Ufora Quizzes for an online written examin: find out what to do if a student has missed the start of an assessment or is hindered while taking the exam in the step-by-step plan in this appendix (in Dutch).

Are you still unsure about which tool is most suited for your assessment? Find inspiration in this Education Tip. 

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